“Social media has made it a lot easier to go scouting. Yes, the traditional platforms still exist, such as showrooms, but Instagram has done for Fashion what YouTube has done for music. It puts designers on a platform where they can have exposure much earlier on in their careers. It’s a leg up in an extremely competitive environment.” – Lisa Aiken, Net a porter fashion director, said during the interview with South China Morning Post.

According to Lisa Aiken, some designers of this week are on the rise, becoming best sellers at some of the world’s most luxurious and influential retailers with competitive price points and high-quality creations. Other have put their brands on the second level just from the bottom as they grew up in luxury or had enough knowledge to do it right. However all of them are very diverse, ambitions, and unstoppable!

Nr.1 @magdabutrym

Emerging in a country that doesn’t stage a Fashion Week, Magdalena Butym took her place in the fashion industry and became one of the most rising designers on Net a porter!

“Instagram was very helpful. It gives everyone an equal opportunity for a wide audience. So in theory you can reach anyone, but 100 000 other brands are doing the same thing. However, we’ve noticed that digital influencers have a way of encouraging your average shopper to reach out to a new brand.” The managing director and designer’s husband, Jakub Czarnota said. Despites the fact that label appeared only in 2014.

Since Magdalena Butrym represented her red sweatshirt with volans on Instagram, the fashion world got crazy about her! Her collections are the perfect blend of cool and feminine, and it was made for everyday living. The designer says that when she draws her clothes, she always considers how these could be matched to jeans, or easy shoes like sneakers because she would like to see people wear her products on the street, and not just for special occasions. For example, silver sequin top to be worn with a pair of jeans and sneakers.


Nr.2 @senreve

Senreve derived from the French word “sense” what means, “dream”! It is an affordable luxury brand started by Coral Chung and Wendy Wen, whose background was in Stanford business school. Two friends just realized that they would rather read the fashion pages than do the finance section. Inspired by strong and independent women who do it all, Chung and Wen wanted to make a bag that could fit into a super woman’s daily schedule, whether it is a board meeting, direct to the office, school run or way to the friend’s party!

Each bag is multi functional, different color and shape, well designed and has some luxurious feel and it is also both durable and water-resist! Based in San Francisco, Senreve bags are handcrafted in Italy by Tuscan artisans with 100% Italian leather! Business students from Stanford could definitely create fashion in a smart way.

Nr.3 @rosettagetty


Home in LA, office in New York, summer vacations around the world and, husband Balthazar Getty, the great-grandson of oil billionaire John Paul Getty… Sound like a dream, right? Some might make hasty judgments about Rosetta Getty, however, she is more than just a pretty face and Hollywood socialite.

“As women, we have to fight and work hard. It’s not for pussies, being a woman.” One of her quotes I found out reading the interview. Also, Getty says, “no one has time to go home and change”. And I definitely agree with it! The designer has always been a luxury shopper, that’s one of the reasons why she understands the fabric really well and creates her clothes on a pretty high price level.

If you take a look at her collections you could easily notice that it luxury enough for dinner party just after the working day at the office.

Nr.4 @esmevieofficial

 When dreams came true and little girl from small Russian city built a luxury brand and became a well-known fashion designer based in Milan. Basically, it is a fairytale! Julia Voitenko finished university in Moscow, did an internship at Valentino and won “Who Is On Next” emerging designer competition featured by Vogue.

From the moment the designer’s pen touches paper, to the final stitch of a finished garment, everything team does is infused with a dedication to elegance, quality, and couture craftsmanship. Each peace is made from natural silk that glide effortlessly across the skin, delicately woven or soft wools forming elegant lines.


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