Giovanna Battaglia signs the new Bergdorf Goodman windows

Giovanna Battaglia signs the new Bergdorf Goodman windows



Bergdorf Goodman announces the exciting collaboration with the stylist, fashion editor, and creative director Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert to celebrate GioGraphy’s Fall launch: Fun in the Wild World of Fashion, her new book of photography and fashion, published by Rizzoli.

Linda Fargo, Senior Vice President, Women’s Fashion Director and Store Presentation were looking for that colaboration since forever. Gio_Graphy, with its fun and chic approach to travel, style, and living extremely glamorous lives, is the perfect opportunity. Linda describes Giovanna: “She becomes the naughty chic and plays with the most authoritative fashion. Secretly, I would like to reborn Mia Gio, but for now GioGraphy allows me to fantasize about her life.”

“Linda has incredible energy: she’s always kind and smiling, but she is both a strong and influential,” says Giovanna. “Bergdorf Goodman was always a symbol of elegance for me. It’s the fashion Willy Wonka factory! Working with them and with my dear friend Linda, is like a Pulitzer Prize, but just in fashion. When I showed him Gio_Graphy, the idea of working together was born naturally. “

The project began on Saturday, September 2, when Bergdorf Goodman unveiled the Fifth Avenue showcases that celebrate the creative union between Giovanna and Bergdorf Goodman. Giovanna paid tribute to her Italian roots by drawing the windows of the Italian Trade Commission and curated a boutique page on, where she could buy all of her favorite Italian products. Collaboration continues in the department store with a pop-up on the third floor where, at the event that will take place on September 8th, with Giovanna’s participation, a limited and autographed edition of Gio_Graphy will be available exclusively for Bergdorf Goodman. Giovanna also designed exclusive T-shirts for this collaboration, for sale at the store and online at

The windows
Along with David Hoey, Senior Director for Visual Presentation, Giovanna has collaborated in the design of a series of stunning tableaux for shop windows in Fifth Avenue. “My dream has always been to live in Bergdorf Goodman’s shop windows,” says Giovanna. The showcases are inspired by the chapter of Gio_Graphy “My Favorite Color is …”, a wider and unusual approach to the concept of color; Similarly, showcases show color nuances inspired by “sparkle”, “animal”, “flower” and “rainbow” themes. The crystal elements are made of Swarovski, the brilliant surfaces of the Maya Romanoff walls and Ellie Cashman’s wallpaper. Joanna has handled the showcases with ready-to-wear and accessories from Bergdorf Goodman’s autumn collections, interpreting them with the same mix of charm and glamor that characterizes her personal approach to style and her book Gio_Graphy. The showcases will continue from Saturday 2 September to Monday 18 September.



Bergdorf Goodmans window


Bergdorf Goodmans Window

Bergdorf Goodmans window

The Pop-Up Store
Imagine the Fall collection through iconic “Gio lens!” Giovanna shares September 1st through September 25th, in the pop-up store on the third floor of Bergdorf Goodman, her choice of ready-to-wear and accessories collections using the renowned shop as wardrobe and playground. Structured around the theme in the “My Favorite Color is …” showcases. Pop-Up offers customers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the extravagant vision of Gio_Graphy. A playful approach to fashion and advances to dress in Fall.
“What I love about these themes is that I’m not overly fashionable and include garments of their wardrobe with timeless elements,” says Giovanna.

Book Signing
Gio_Graphy will not be released before the Fall, but Bergdorf Goodman’s customers will have the exclusive opportunity to buy the special edition of Gio_Graphy. Also, they will be able to meet Giovanna and receive autographed copies of the special edition during the event, which will take place on the third floor, Saturday, September 9, from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm.

The T-Shirts
Resuming the irreverent themes and ways of reveling in Gio_Graphy, Giovanna created an exclusive T-shirt collection for Bergdorf Goodman. “If Audrey Hepburn had a T-shirt, who would she have?” Says Giovanna of her stylish t-shirt. Graphic design includes lively slogans such as “More is More” and “The Power of Red”, giving those who wear them to enter the playful spirit of Gio_Graphy in their wardrobe. The collection would not be complete without the limited edition t-shirt with the slogan “My Favorite Color is” in rainbow Swarovski crystals.

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