My LV Belt

My LV Belt


The exclusivity and personalization have always been an important part of Louis Vuitton.

A new service opportunity combines tradition with excellence and modernity in all Maison shops: My LV Belt.

All customers are welcome to design their own belt in the shop. You could choose from a wide selection of colors, leather, and buckles. In 240 possible combinations, My LV Belt meets the taste and personality of every man.

Louis Vuitton invites customers to have fun creating their own belt! The service allows you to choose from 14 leather belts in classic or playful color combinations, exotic leather like crocodile and ostrich at the contemporary selection of gray, blue, tobacco and black shades or the sophisticated Ombrè leather, which could be available in blue and red! Once you have selected the leather and the color of your belt, you can choose from 12 available buckles with a modern, and refined design. The range fluctuates from the iconic LV Signatures in gold, palladium or ruthenium.

You can complete your belt and make it even more special and unique by adding your own initials with the hot stamping.

Louis Vuitton once again allows costumers to use their imagination creating personalized My LV Belt with the own unique and exclusive design.