Natalie Portman stuns in new Miss Dior campaign

Natalie Portman stuns in new Miss Dior campaign


Let’s look back to Natalie Portman’s first commercial for the Miss Dior fragrance in 2015. That time she almost walks down the aisle to the crooning of Janis Joplin. Two years later she is giving it all she’s got again, only this time to Sia’s Chandelier.

You can realize that the new film is a continuation of the first one, with Natalie Portman demanding that the man she left at the altar, “Prove it!” The new commercial, directed by Emmanuel Cossu, sees Portman play a Miss Dior very much in love – with all of the passion and drama that brings. Then she jumps off a pier, skids out in a pink Jaguar convertible, and revisits an emotional highlights reel from her relationship.

It is more than just an average fragrance commercial; it is sensual, energetic, and really arresting! And at the end, she faces up to the camera and addresses the viewer: “And you, what would you do for love?”

“I would go to the end of the earth for love!” Natalie Portman said when asked for her own answer to that question, saying her favorite love story of all is “my own, with my husband”, Benjamin Millepied.

Miss Dior has always symbolized a strong and confident woman and this campaign, in particular, illustrates that side of her. #missdiorforlove