5 Most Stylish Suits Worn by Robert Redford

5 Most Stylish Suits Worn by Robert Redford


5 Most Stylish Suits Worn by Robert Redford

Since the 74th Venice International Film Festival is just around the corner, we paid extra attention to one very famous American actor, director and producer – Robert Redford. He is well known for his stylish looks in movies as well as in real life. For this reason we present you 5 most stylish suits worn by Robert Redford.

No. 1. Tan suit in Havana, 1990

This gabardine suit makes use of creamy and brown earth tones from head to toe. The single-breasted jacket’s low two-button stance is appropriate for the film’s 1950s setting and creates a flattering “V” effect that is accentuated by the wide, padded shoulders that appear on most of Redford’s tailored clothing in his movies.

No. 2. Grey blazer in Three Days of the Condor, 1975

A popped collar on a grey herringbone blazer, a layered effect made from a combination of crew neck sweater, chambray shirt and tie paired with blue jeans, the ease of this look has an appeal that has spun decades.

No. 3. White three-piece suit in The Great Gatsby”, 1974

The jacket has very large notch lapels and pocket flaps. The swelled edges on the lapels are also a ’70s detail. The vest/waistcoat is a very 1920s-looking garment and the most unique part of the suit. It is double-breasted with peak lapels and has a very low neckline.

No. 4. Blue dupioni silk jacket in Havana, 1990.

The silk sportcoat is fit very stylishly for the late 1950s with wide, padded shoulders with roped sleeveheads, a darted front, and ventless back. The single-breasted jacket has a two-button front with matching 3-button cuffs at the end of each sleeve.

No. 5. Light pink suit in The Great Gatsby, 1974

Pink is not just for women and Robert Redford proved it. The single-breasted pink jacket has very wide notch lapels and padded shoulders. However, the most notable part of Gatsby’s pink suit is the double-breasted waistcoat.