Fashion meets art

Fashion meets art


Fashion meets art

Fashion and art are much more related than it might seem from the first sight. Both are inspired by feelings inside, colours that are found around us and the ideas, which are born in ones’ mind. Fashion and art both construct the visual models of the attitudes, beliefs and understanding of the world. The following outfits below demonstrate the strong bond between them and how similar yet so independent these two areas of creating can be. The colours and the patterns of the masterpieces, which recreate the visual perception of the world by the artist can be found in the pieces of the designers.

Gucci and the pleated midi skirt shows the same affection for the colours of the sunset, which are represented in the painting by Sean Dean. In addition to that, Van Gogh and his legendary sunflowers are walking hand in hand with Prada’s floral print silk dress. What’s more – the same rhythm and gamma of the colours show us that Van Gogh and Gustav Klimt had much more in common with the Marni’s label designer Consuelo Castiglioni than we expected.

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