Interview with photographer Imantas Boiko

Interview with photographer Imantas Boiko


Interview with Lithuanian photographer Imantas Boiko

Interviewed by Gabrielė Radžiūtė



When and how did you decide that you want to be a photographer? Was it your dream job?

When I was growing up my neighbor was a photographer and had her own studio. I used to go there sometimes, everything was new and interesting to me. Later at home I found an old camera, bought a photographic film for it and started experimenting – it was like an interesting game. Finally, out of curiosity I took the camera to pieces and couldn’t put them back. After some time I bought my first digital camera and started taking pictures of my friends. At that time it was just a hobby, I didn’t see photography as a serious job in the future, everything happened naturally.

What was the first thing or person that you photographed?

I was taking pictures of people that surrounded me: family and friends.

Which photoshoot was the most memorable for you and why?

Most memorable photoshoot was underwater. We faced a lot of challenges since we didn‘t have a high quality equipment, however, the result surprised us in a very nice way.

Which photographer do you admire the most and why?

Photographers that I admire change from time to time, I try to not idealize them.

When you take a photo, how can you describe that moment? Can you detach yourself from reality?

When I‘m taking pictures, I focus on that moment and don‘t think about anything else. I make contact with a model and try to get natural emotions, because this is very important for me in my photos. I don‘t detach myself from reality, I watch the surroundings and search for interesting and unexpected angles for photos. I am always concentrated while trying to take great photos.

How do you imagine your ideal location for shooting?

Ideal location depends on the idea. I‘m fascinated by locations that are difficult to reach and also by architecture, buildings.

How do you feel when someone appreciates your photos?

It‘s nice to get compliments for my works, however, the best feeling is to receive compliments from famous photography experts.

If your photos had a soundtrack, which songs would you choose?

Every photo would have different music: GusGus, Royksopp and so on.

If you weren’t a photographer which profession would you choose and why?

I was always fascinated by visual works. For this reason I would choose a similar field, for example, graphic design or work with video.