Stylish Tech Accessories Right Now

Stylish Tech Accessories Right Now


Stylish Tech Accessories Right Now

At the moment, which accessory is most closest to you: your wallet, your keys, or your phone?

Probably the answer is your phone. It become the thing that is never parted from you. That’s why this year’s must-have accessory isn’t a handbag, it’s a phone case, writes The Guardian on the review of  original Louis Vuitton trunk for iPhone presented in 2017 Spring/Summer Collection.

Designer Nicolas Ghesquière had “a simple idea, yet no one had ever thought to do it before”. He reproduced “the finishings and intricate details found on an original Louis Vuitton trunk”, writes The Guardian.

While some brands just started keep an eye on phone accessories, Moschino already established itself in this accessory field with Moschino fries case or Candy Crush’s phone trunk dedicated for mobile puzzle game’s fifth anniversary.

Kenzo at the current collection presents not only phone trunks but also phone holders on chain.

Not only the phone

But the phone trunk is not the latest tech accessory to have, brands include different tech accesories in their collections. For example between current Michael Cors wallets and phone cases is possible to find Michael Kors x Fujifilm Instax Camera.

This Mini 70 camera features the Michael Kors logo and the designer’s signature. The camera takes pictures sized: 62 mm x 46mm and also develops film for 90 seconds also includes INSTAX film pack with 10 photos.

Armani at the current sells also includes Polaroid camera dedicated for cult of camera, writes

Double brandy headphones

For the music seems that fashion brands do not want to take a risk. Instead of creating good quality headphones they rather collaborate with audio companies as did Balmain or Alexander Wang, American designer, former creative director of Balenciaga. These fashion names collaborated with sound and audio brand Beats by Dr. Dre and Balmain in order to create designed headphones.