We are going to start our vacation with these four designers and hope that feeling of summer love affairs could last forever!

Accessories look better when skin gets darker!

Dresses go Boho when music beats louder!

Shoes get comfy when party lasts longer!

Kaftans become so lovely when the sun kisses too much!

Nr.1 @ireneneuwirth 

All I need is tan and accessories… Pink opal, turquoise, green chrysoprase and diamonds! Irene Neuwirth is one of a new generation of independent female jewelry designers, who stays in the same playground as Harry Winston and Cartier. Neuwirth’s femininity and delicacy of work gave her global appeal! And it seems that wind of popularity brought her more inspiration as well!

Nr. 2 @pippa_holt_kaftans

Life is better in kaftan! Started from the bottom and now she is here! First, Pippa Holt moved to Houston, Texas, and found a kaftan by a small group of weavers from Southern Mexico, few years after she made an official collaboration with Mexican artisans. Each kaftan is unique and takes one month to complete! “They sell out very fast because it might be six months until the weavers are able to make a specific style again,” she explains. Also, eco-addicted shoppers will be happy to hear that kaftans are made of natural cotton and dues.


Nr. 3 @carrieforbesinc

Happiness comes in waves and handcraft! Carrie Forbes is known as one of the most innovative designers in Italian handbags industry! After the successful access to luxurious industry, Forbes launched a collection of hand-woven raffia shoes! She cares about the product more than anything else. And you can definitely see the opposition of machine made products!

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Nr. 4 @vitakin

Groovy Boho vibe and the tribute to Ukraine! Inspired by traditional vyshyvanka embroidery Vita Kin beats the fashion industry with classic “mom’s” dresses from ‘70s. The dresses are all rather lovely and have, for something so folksy, a surprisingly luxurious feel!

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