A tribute to iconic Grace Jones in the upcoming documentary!

A tribute to iconic Grace Jones in the upcoming documentary!


Grace Jones: Jamaican model star, fashion icon, distinctive singer, actress, and party queen in her upcoming documentary “Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami”.

“Sometimes you have to be a high flying bitch” – Jones said at the begging of the trailer for the highly anticipated documentary “Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami”, directed by Sophie Fiennes.

Her wild, intimidating, androgynous appearance and vivacious, outspoken personality blurred gender lines and stereotypes many decades ago! Yet here the audience also discovers her as a lover, daughter, mother, sister and even grandmother, as she accepts herself to our stare and allows us to understand what constitutes her mask.

The trailer is covered by fashion legend’s song Pull up to the Bumper. The film includes her unique performances and hits.

During the interview with ScreenDaily Jones said: “This is the first time people will see me in this way. They will see a very candid portrayal. It is raw. It will be like seeing me almost naked I’m very happy with the film. I didn’t feel like it was an invasion. It was a very smooth and comfortable process.”

Grace Jones was the biggest muse to fashion photographer Jean Paul Goude. He took the most iconic pictures of Jones for her albums and EP covers, including Island Life, Nightclubbing, and Slave to the Rhythm.

“Men think she’s sexy. Women think she’s a little masculine, so they’re not jealous. Gays think she’s a drag queen. She’s the manifestation of all my fantasies.” Said Jen Paul Goude for People magazine at the end of 80s.