This week we took different sources of inspiration: swim chic, denim boom, femininity blazers and modern luxury line!

Nr. 1 @karlacolletto

For sure the most chic beachwear! When latest innovations lead latest trends and all Hollywood is already in love! Season after season, Karlo Colletto combines this future forward thinking with her signature sense of whimsy to create designs that stretch the boundaries of swimwear. It wasn’t long before the fashion elite and fashionistas alike discovered their bold, new world of aquatic couture.


Nr.2 @daloodgroup

Catch the denim wave! Dalood brand is recognizable between big fashion players, but don’t get wrong, it’s still affordable! As denim became so trendy again, the brand turned into worn-backward jackets with tiny beaded floral designs—cute, simple, and no fuss. Might be a bit feminist, but the Georgian brand takes a Strong, Powerful and Brave Woman’s wear position on the market.


Nr. 3 @blaze_milano

The masculine shapes never been so femininity! Blaze Milano takes the big focus on details and the quality looks like last forever! Brand’s motto is “Every girl is half boy”, but let’s keep it chic, contemporary and sophisticated from day to night. Girls, add some sunshine and comfort to your wardrobe! At least from @blaze_milano official instagram!

Nr.4 @safiyaa_official

Bye bye fast fashion, hello modern luxury! It always comes sentimental when the family takes a role, this time the founder Daniela Karnuts named the brand after her daughter. Isn’t it sweet? Sometimes pinky, sometimes “happy in black”, but always qualitative and classy! This brand definitely says – choose one great piece over several fast fashion products!


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