Must have: boat accessories

Must have: boat accessories



The summer 2017 accessory trends came to certify the ‘more is more’ concept having us all forget minimalist touches and embrace anything big and stylish. So don’t miss your summer boat!

Printed silk-twill scarves – Gucci

Skinny scarves are an easy quick add-on to any outfit. Just wrap it around your neck as you please, day or night, with any outfit!

 Statement Earrings – Rebecca de Ravenel Gaya Earrings

Forget necklaces, rings and bracelets; statement earrings are all you need to finish off an outfit in style this season.

Alice + Olivia by Stacey Bendet

Nothing says summer like a yellow sun motif. According to this Tarot card-inspired clutch, Summer 2017 is going to be bright.

Celine glasses

Seeing the world through rose colored glasses is totally overrated. It’s all about having the blues these days — especiallyif they’re Celine.