This week the beauty inspiration came from these four designers! We said YES to independence, shine, freedom, and romance.

 Nr.1 @lpathelabel

“Strong and independent woman” is my favorite cliché, but who said that it is bad or even boring nowadays? Maybe someone did, but looking at Pia’s Arrabio brand instagram, “Cool girl” song was just playing around. The LPA designer loves to say “I am just like feeling myself today” and she really does! Sometimes romantic, but most of the time sexuality is just bombing around. It could become just a small reminder of loving yourself just the way you are.


Nr.2 @micolsabbadini  

Micol Sabbadini and her unstoppable journey of creation. This young designer was born to create textile, accessories and continue her family’s business, somehow Micol fall in love with photography and now successfully she is doing both. You could definitely follow her biggest source of inspiration – travel around the globe!

Nr.3 @apieceapart

The incredible way of orderliness. No matter what: upcoming collection, kitchen details, sketches, daily life or morning coffee – so simple – so extraordinary. Jesse’s Kamm instagram looks like morning yoga for the eye. It’s the luxury of freedom!

 Nr.4 @luisabeccaria_official

Sometimes all you need is pure elegance and romance. When you want to fall into femininity and connect your dreams with the beauty of nature – check Luisa’s Beccaria brand instagram. Definitely the most romantic look of these four designers!


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