New girls faces to follow in 2017

New girls faces to follow in 2017



These girls you have seen during the most popular fashion shows for most famous brands, during the advertising campaigns of the most fashionable brands. These new and young stars have not finished being present and surprising. Don’t forget these faces and names to follow in 2017!

Wallette Watson 

21, N.C.

Originally from Raleigh, the now New York-based Watson walked at Yeezy and Coach 1941 last season and in Paris for labels like Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Valentino and Sonia Rykiel. “If I weren’t modeling, I would be singing — working on an album, and in the studio day and night,” she says. “I think I started singing when I came out of the womb!” Her talents also include dancing — she was classically trained in ballet. “Being your own amazingly beautiful self is what sets you apart from everyone else,” Watson adds, “no matter what anyone says.”

Represented by Q Model Management.

Léa Julian

18, France

Julian recently traded her hometown Toulouse for Paris to further pursue modeling; she has frequented the European runways since age 16, after making her debut at Valentino’s fall 2015 haute couture spectacular in Rome. But this will be the first season that she adds New York to her docket. “Traveling is the best part of the job,” she says. “If I weren’t modeling, I think I would be at university working on linguistics and communications — actually, thanks to modeling, I’m learning a lot, because I’ve met so many people from all over the world already.” Julian also made sure to mention her hidden talent: the ability to quickly solve a Rubik’s Cube.

Represented by The Society Management.

Amber Buuren

16, the Netherlands

The part-time model (and part-time high school student) from Apeldoorn will debut on the runway at the upcoming shows, and plans to keep her family in the loop by chatting with them backstage. She hopes to one day study medicine and become a pediatrician. For now, “I feel very connected to our earth and its animal life,” she says. “Climate change and the extinction of so many species are examples of things that make me worry. I know one person can’t save the world, but I do the best I can, by not eating meat, for example.”

Represented by Women Management Paris.

Fernanda Oliveira

19, Brazil

Based in New York and Paris, the Brazilian-born Oliveira (who grew up in Switzerland) has gained recognition from walking the São Paulo runways last fall — and she now plans to hit the four fashion capitals. She likes to spend her time backstage “making everyone laugh,” she says. “I’m not on another planet with headphones in, so I always talk and get to know people.” She also has an eye for styling.

Represented by Ford Models Paris.