The tale of Lotus bloom by De Beers High Jewellery

The tale of Lotus bloom by De Beers High Jewellery


The tale of Lotus bloom by De Beers High Jewellery

De Beers presents its new High Jewellery Collection inspired by the beauty of the lotus flower. The diamonds draw the extraordinary lifecycle of this symbolic bloom.

“Awakening”, “Blooming”, “Flourishing”, “Radiating” and “Soothing Lotus”. When the five stages in the journey of the Lotus flower towards the sunlight became sumptous jewelries.

Thanks to the Maestria of the De Beers’Atelier each rough diamond is artfully placed among polished recreating the hues of water or lily pads decorating the surface of a pond… let your imagination decides.

Awakening Lotus

The lotusflower’s tale begins when its petals emerge above the water line. In its innocent infancy the lotus flower sheds the last droplet of water from its petals and liberates itself from the shadows, leaving a subtle ripple in its wake.

The purity of this moment is embodied by Awakening Lotus, which draws the eye along rippling lines of round and marquise-cut diamonds to a magnificent rough bluish green macle.

Blooming Lotus

Now the lotus flower bud has emerged into the light, its petals can unfurl and feel the warmth of the sun for the first time. This synergy with the sunlight is expressed through Blooming Lotus; a unique set of diamond high jewellery centred on a three-dimensional diamond flower motif.

Flourishing Lotus

The lotus flower responds to the call of the midday sun by reaching its moment of absolute perfection. In this instant each petal is magnificently open in a flawless arrangement of shape and symmetr y, not unlike the pristine alignment of facets within an exceptional diamond. Flourishing Lotus earrings draws on this symmetry with a mesmeric diamond design featuring a round brilliant solitaire. At the heart of the set is a beautiful medallion showcased on a delicate sautoir chain of pear, princess and round brilliant diamonds, which can also be worn alone as a brooch.

Radiating Lotus

The Lotus by De Beers High Jewellery Collection also delves into the mythology of the lotus flower and the Ancient Egyptian belief that each bloom is a talisman of rebirth and regeneration. Radiating Lotus celebrates this mysterious power with petal-shaped marquise diamonds, rows of fan-like round brilliant diamond peaks and kite-shaped cascades of princess-cut and round brilliant-cut diamonds.

Shooting Lotus

The final set in the Lotus by De Beers High Jeweller y Collection aligns with the final stage of the lotus flower’s journey. The serene peacefulness of a pond draped with lotus flowers and lily pads can provide a rare opportunity for peaceful contemplation. This tranquil vision is channelled by the Soothing Lotus set, where rough and polished diamonds are artfully arranged, in a harmonious balance of colour, shape and texture.