Fendi “Haute Fourrure” Show closed Paris Couture Week

Fendi “Haute Fourrure” Show closed Paris Couture Week


Fendi “Haute Fourrure” Show closed Paris Couture Week

Fendi Haute Couture Autumn / Winter 2017-2018 is the collection that ended the Paris Fashion Week. Designed by Karl Lagerfeld, every proposal on the line is an explicit tribute to nature, to the world of flowers and to the elegant and sinuous femininity.

Fendi woman is a sweet muse dressed in petals of intense and determined colors and knows how to deal with every adversity with glamor and lightness.

The delicate fabric wings that form the silhouette, open as precious petals, coats, and fur dresses that wrap their shoulders and fall into mermaid tails. Trendy heart-shaped motifs, embellish the soft hoods, sleeve edges and skirt petals.

The iris, the daisy, the crocus and the sensual poppy live in the three-dimensional inlay of lilac and zibellino inlay, woven in metal jacquard and in precious leather lace.

Maison’s innovative techniques create new traditions: the mink is transformed to create an elegant and unruly lace that decorates collars and cuffs, highlighting the stained zibellino and the lilac lamb of pastel shades.

Hand-painted post-impressionist motifs create soft landscapes on shaved mink and diaphanous silk, embellished with feathers, golden embroideries and woven mink woven into the fabric.

The unusual handbags, similar to bouquets, are decorated with leather and fur leaves, while top-of-the-range suede boots are embellished with full-size flowers and close with a delicate ankle chain.