5 vintage must-haves for the home that will never go out of style

5 vintage must-haves for the home that will never go out of style


5 vintage must-haves for the home that will never go out of style

Trends will come and go, but classics never go out of style. Vintage pieces that endure the seasonal cycles of fashion are investment pieces in their own right, whether it’s for you or your home, and there’s nothing more fashion-forward than effortlessly matching vintage and on-trend both in your wardrobe and your home. This quirky aesthetic is a match made in heaven with the maximalism trend that’s setting runways on fire across the planet. Spice up your life and add some vintage touches that will set you apart from the crowd.

A sofa

Nothing beats the old-world luxury of the classic Chesterfield sofa – think smoky gentlemen’s clubs, countryside manor houses and Victorian libraries. A tufted sofa will never feel dated, and with a throw rug and some pillows can be styled to match any living space. You can either pair it with delicate antique end tables for that drawing-room vibe, or mix it up with modern, industrial pieces to make a bold statement. A linen variation will feel fresh and modern, and old leather upholstery, complete with cracks and scuff marks, is an ultimate vintage statement.

A car

The charm of a vintage car can’t be overstated. If you’re looking to buy a car in the near future, consider a vintage set of wheels. The classic car market is heating up, and some small-car favorites, like the old Mini or the Volkswagen Beetle, will always be in style. If you keep them in good condition, you won’t suffer heavy depreciation costs like you do with new cars. Look for places that sell used cars online, like Auto Trader, where you can snap up a vintage bargain for a fraction of the cost and drive around your ‘hood in style.

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A handbag

One fabulous thing about a French couture handbag is that it will always be in style. The top fashion houses today still pursue classic shapes that have been around for decades – think satchels, totes and bowling bags. If you can choose between vintage and vintage-inspired, always go for the real thing. For slightly less (or in some cases, slightly more) you can buy a quality leather handbag that has already stood the test of time and will continue to last. It’s also a great opportunity to snag your fashion white whale if there’s a limited-edition bag that slipped through your fingers in years gone by.

A dresser

What do a French country boudoir, upscale boutique hotel, and an old-Hollywood movie bedroom all have in common? A classic dressing table. Ditch the Ikea bureau and add a touch of glamor to your bedroom with an old dresser complete with mirror, clawed feet and brass handles. Whether you want an art deco, rustic English manor house or shabby chic aesthetic, this classic piece of furniture will transform your room. Hunt through junk shops or scour online bidding sites to hunt down a deal, and don’t be afraid to touch up any marks or scratches yourself – or leave as is for a genuine vintage look.