Georges Hobeika haute couture infused with freedom of movement

Georges Hobeika haute couture infused with freedom of movement


Georges Hobeika haute couture infused with freedom of movement.

The Middle East’s fashion industry is well-represented at the Couture Fashion Week in Paris, with several Lebanese labels among them is Georges Hobeika, who took to the runway on Monday to showcase his Autumn/Winter 2017-2018 haute couture line.


Georges Hobeika in Fall-Winter 2017/18 collection expresses its unique artistic style and its deep love of nature by highlighting one of the most evocative motifs of the Maison’s couture signature: the bow.

Throughout the collection, the aerial curves of this precious talisman illuminate long evanescent silhouettes. Defined by authentic goldsmith accents, the collection’s accessories reflect a variety of metaphorical destinies in an array of intricately crafted bags, gilded jewels in generous volume and sensual stilettos- all attesting to the excellence and stylistic breadth of Maison Georges Hobeika’s savoir faire.

Couture collection draws its vibrant energy from Andalusia’s ornamental traditions and its inspiration from the great architectural styles that have developed throughout the ages on the Iberian peninsula.

The ornamentation is in forms of florals, leaves, ribbons and baroque designs. The silhouettes are either A-line or cylindrical in maxi, midi or mini lengths. The are no harsh lines here, just flowing looks infused with freedom of movement.

Exquisitely crafted bags and bright jewels exalt Georges Hobeika’s stylistic exploration with their floral and arabesque decorations worthy of the majestic Alhambra.