Interpreted classic wardrobe from Ksenia Schnaider: Cruise 18

Interpreted classic wardrobe from Ksenia Schnaider: Cruise 18


Interpreted classic wardrobe from Ksenia Schnaider: Cruise 18

Ksenia and Anton Schnaider continue to interpret classic wardrobe pieces in their own way. Their attention is focused on the garments, and their instrument is the transformation of common shapes, cuts, materials and using them differently.

The basis of this collection is denim. Designers continue to create clothes out of vintage jeans and provide analogous options made from new denim. Demi-Denims have become a real hit everywhere from Europe to Asia, and have turned into a staple piece of each collection. Well-known jeans that resemble nothing you have previously seen, are now available in new colors.

Cruise 2018 has colorful denim. There are monochromatic models and mixed color ones (the upper part and bottom are in different colors). All fabrics were dyed as a special order exclusively for Ksenia Schnaider. The shades look as if they faded under the burning sun – pale lemon, dirty pink, grey-blue and desert sand.

Ksenia Schnaider also presents an outerwear line – Denim Fur. A unique technology enables denim to imitate the effect of fake fur. This is an original and progressive alternative to genuine fur and leather. The idea to create a denim fur coat came during work at the studio in Kiev, where the floor is constantly covered with denim cuttings and thick cotton threads.

The other visual part of the collection is a classic checkered print. Anton Schnaider has destroyed its stiffness and formality by using markers and drawing his own version of it playfully by hand. Anton is always in charge of the prints in Ksenia Schnaider collections. To come up with the scale for the print, Anton used a projector to locate the prints on white samples of blouses and dresses. This process resulted into two sizes and a few options in terms of color.

Dresses with prints are available in three lengths – mini, midi, maxi. The variety of choice is an essential part of what Ksenia and Anton do. Custom Dress, an online dress constructor, that they created 3 years ago, is a popular tool. Customers from all over the world appreciate a unique possibility to choose among numerous options.

Ksenia has put her hands on the checkered print as well, but approached it in a different manner. She has created colorful applications made from colorful braids, shoelaces and ribbons. Denim shorts and a skirt, white cotton tops and blouses are decorated this way. Designer turns simple pieces into extraordinary once again and enables basic clothes to stand out.

Cruise 2018 collection includes a collaboration with an illustrator Dalyana Poborceva. Her floral compositions and bouquets embellish a series of white T-Shirts. According to the idea of the collaborators, each T-Shirt is one of a kind. No prints will appear twice. Dalyana spends just three minutes making a new illustration using her finger and a Notes application on her iPhone.