Series 7 – Louis Vuitton presents new advertising campaign

Series 7 – Louis Vuitton presents new advertising campaign


Series 7 – Louis Vuitton presents new advertising campaign

”Series 7” the campaign for Louis Vuitton’s 2017–2018 fall-winter collection, takes shape in an industrial world of raw elements and stark lines. Against this ideal cinematic backdrop photographer Bruce Weber has set a Romantic ballet of never-before-seen characters and powerful heroines. Whether massed in groups, paired off, or singled out for solos, these models generate surprise against a multiplicity of décors and visuals.

Among the models faithful to Nicolas Ghesquière’s imagination—a feminine cohort that he delights in transforming every season—are some prestigious guests. Riley Keough, Jaden Smith, Sophie Turner, Catherine Deneuve, and Kevin Michel arise like serendipitous interlopers in the photographs’ composition, fitting right in to the modern tale.

Riley Keough: “Nicolas Ghesquière is a true genius. What he does with his designs, how layered and conceptual his art is, that’s what changes the world. I’m proud to be associated with such an innovative and exciting brand like Louis Vuitton. Bruce Weber is someone I always admired but never had the chance to work with so that made it a very memorable and special experience. He really captures people so wonderfully and his photographs are so soulful.”

Jaden Smith: “Nicolas Ghesquière is one of the most creative people I have had the fortune of working with. I feel so honored to be a part of the LV movement and be on this journey with him. I appreciate everything Nicolas does for me, the LV Family and for fashion in general. Working with Bruce Weber was one of the most magical experiences
of my life. Standing in front of a Legend and learning from him was both an educational and spiritual experience for a young artist like myself. Being able to make an impact on art, fashion and the youth all at once was a dream come true.”

Catherine Deneuve: “The collection of Nicolas Ghesquière is always something that everybody expects and waits for because he is radical in his views and it’s very important for a lot of people. His creations feel wonderful. He is a special person. He goes in a line, he has really is style. He’s not one to try to make you look pretty. Things run much deeper than that. He’s not looking to be loved. He wants to give people something to remember. He digs deep for fabrics and forms. He’s very much a futurist and incredibly talented in that respect.”

Sophie Turner: I’ve long been a big fan of Nicolas’ work, I love how his designs hint at the places or cultures that have influenced him for his collections each season whilst maintaining that special Louis Vuitton style throughout. He also happens to be one of the kindest, most generous men I’ve ever met. Working with Bruce Weber on this campaign was an amazing experience, he brings so much energy to the shoot, the atmosphere was incredible yet at
the same time it felt like a group of friends just hanging out in Miami.”


Photographer: Bruce Weber
Artistic Director: Roonie Cooke-Newhouse
Celebrities: Catherine Deneuve, Sophie Turner, Riley Keough, Jaden Smith
Models: Theresa Hayes, Hoyeon Jung, Natalie Westling, Masha Skokova,
Alexandra Micu, Sora Choi, Sara Dahl, Atty Mitchell, Janaye Furman,
Mariam de Vinzelle, Kevin Mischell, Santiago Robledo
Stylist: Marie-Amélie Sauvé
Make-up: James Kaliardos
Hair stylist: Damien Boissinot
Place: Pompano Beach, Floride