Are you looking for a new Sicilian mood? Vincent Billeci ss18

Are you looking for a new Sicilian mood? Vincent Billeci ss18


Are you looking for a new sicilian mood? Vincent ss18

Contemporary Sicily in its hidden and precious beauty and with its almost fairy-tale stereotypes characterize a silhouette that is sinuous, shiny, exclusively vertical, that with a sensuality of light and clarified in laces, evolves in timeless elegance.
The pink element of thanksgiving popular culture and the cult of Santa Rosalia became for the designer Vincent Billeci an embroidery that characterizes the majority of garments and t-shirts.

Everything remembers the daily religiosity of small countries, Marian devotion rich in gestures and traditions, devotional blue outfit with the white cord in life, ex-vote for grace received.

Many looks arise from the memories of Sunday mornings, the smell of white lilies, the sound of the bells in the party, and the little girls dressed in white like brides. A simple and refined elegance, precious in details and symbols.


When and how did you decide that you wanted to be a designer?

Since I was a child I wanted to become a fashion designer.I changed my name to Vincent and at 25 I started to work on my fashion line.

Was it your dream job?

Of course, it’s the job I’ve always wanted to do.

Which is the first thing you designed and for who ?

The first thing I designed was a series of t- shirts inspired to Palermo’s Madonna sorrows. “Madonne Addolorate”

Who’s the designer you admire the most and why?

Currently it’s Alessandro Michele for Gucci. I love his eccentric vision of fashion.

Who’s your muse, your icon, when you create a dress?

I don’t have a muse in particular. I love self-confident woman, determined, and with a strong personality.

If you had to design an entire collection using just one color, which is the one you’d pick and why?

Definitely blue. I think blue is the new black, a casual way to dress in timeless looks.

Who’s the first person you show your sketches to?

I show them first to my team, my partner. I love to question my ideas.

The fabric you love most of all and why?

I love lace. I think it’s a fabric rich of history, passion and beauty. I’d make entire collections just using it.

 If your clothes had a soundtrack, which songs you’d choose?

Giuni Russo’s songs.

 If your clothes had a soundtrack, which songs would you choose?

Usually I start by focusing on the last collection and I begin working from the best ideas in it.

If you weren’t a designer which job in the fashion world would you choose and why?

Certainly it would be the artist. I love art, creativity and design itself in general

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