3 reasons to follow ANGUS CHIANG Menswear

3 reasons to follow ANGUS CHIANG Menswear


3 reasons to follow ANGUS CHIANG Menswear

Inspiration and Theme – Highway Cycling Around the Island – Cycling – Street Vendors – Betel Nut Queen

Using the trend and culture of cycling around Taiwan to kick off this season’s design journey, immerse yourself in the imagination and fantastic adventures of these cyclists biking down the highway. For this collection, Taiwan highway’s unique betel nut vendor and betel nut queen are souls of the design. The use of cycling apparel details, various colorful signs, along with the betel nut culture and street vendor’s advertising slogans, packaging and images, all combine together in creating the brand’s colors and messages and showcases ANGUS CHIANG’s special journey around the island.

Fabric, Material, and Color

This season’s collection is different from previous collections in terms of design direction. We hope to make the products in the spring/summer collection more wearable and diverse. Latex material is added to the fabric to increase levels of layer in the product. It also combines the details found on cycling apparels; for example, the functional back pockets seen in cycling apparels are added to the coats and knitted series. The knitted series, at the same time, utilizes sheer fabric to showcase the elements found in betel nut queen’s clothing style. The denim series will continue to be promoted this season. The clothing design details are in accordance with the theme and it transforms elements of the betel nut into pockets, lines, and designs. This season, black, white, red, and blue are applied as the main colors to interpret bicycle colors and link Taiwan local culture colors together. The accessories collections attempted something different from before by using lambskin as the main fabric instead of canvas fabric, which was used in previous seasons. Waist packs and pocket bags with betel as their design concept are introduced. This season’s shoe collection parodies and deconstructs cycling shoes, and also adds sequins, rhinestones, lotus leaf, and other woman’s clothing details which are elements in betel nut queen’s clothing style. It combines all of these things together with shoes from the one and only MIKI brand to break through the past.

Crossover Collaboration

For ANGUS CHIANG’s fourth season, it will once again work with long-time partner, visual creative director Shih Ji-Ren, to create the brand identity video with his innovative creativity and underground cultural style. Music at the fashion show will be presented by underground band 1976. They will demonstrate an imaginative vision inspired by Taiwan’s alternative cycling and betel nut queen culture. ANGUS CHIANG is a contemporary menswear label established in 2015 that showcases designs inspired by Taiwanese culture. He offers a unique sense of esthetic and brings it to life through his vision that combines humor with joyful spirits. His futuristic color popping pom-poms designs won him first place in the international show award. Moreover, his award winning collection was invited to be in Fashion Scout – Graduate Showcase during London Fashion Week in the same year. In March and September of 2016, he was invited to be in Vancouver Fashion Week, and launched its 2016 autumn and 2017 spring/summer menswear collection. After launching his 2017 winter collection at London’s Fashion Week in March 2017, designer Angus Chiang was nominated in the LVMH PRIZE, and became the world’s top 21 designers among 1,200 competitors