Choose trendy hairstyle and embellish it with the cool hat

Choose trendy hairstyle and embellish it with the cool hat


Choose trendy hairstyle and embellish it with the cool hat

Whether it’s a blunt fringe, short layers, dip-dye or a whole new shade of hair, the new year brings with it the perfect opportunity to test out the coolest hairstyles and hair trends. Now we show you 3 trendy hairstyles for this spring-summer season:

Short haircut with bang

The time always comes, before the holidays. That time that makes you feel like changing something about your look, maybe by changing your hairstyle. Does that happen to you, too? What can give you fresh as well as totally different look? Bang? – Yes, please! Whether you have long hair, a bob, straight or messy hair, it doesn’t really matter. You can adapt any of these styles to include a small fringe to frame your features. When it comes to short hairstyles, a chin-length bob with bangs is unquestionably the one that celebrities have loved over the years.

Messy braided hairstyle

Messy braids are spring-summer’s hottest hair trend as they are an easy and so pleasant way to give your hair some rest and protect it from harsh environmental factors. One of our favorite things about wearing messy braids is that you don’t have to be a master hairstylist to achieve the look. Flyaways, visible bobby pins and frizzy ends often make these braided ‘dos look effortlessly gorgeous.

Curly hair is back
Over the past few years, the fashion industry has taken baby steps toward transitioning runway models from pin-straight strands to embracing their natural hair textures. So, it’s time to love and show your natural curly hair. As during the current season this style belongs to the top list of the cool and beautiful hairstyles.

Have you chosen your favorite haircut? Now it’s time to embellish it with the proper hat. Many designers decided that the spring/summer 2017 hats were exactly what they needed to add an extra touch of magic, refinement, or edge to their collection. They are an important staple for the summer season, since they help to shield us from the sun, but they also make for an excellent addition to any outfit.

Now we suggest our favorite two types of hats:

This season’s baseball cap trend showed that high fashion can indeed meet active-wear to create something that is just idiosyncratic enough to work. For more classic look there is fedora hat style for you.

For more ideas see below the total looks: