FENDI presents wandering with Hopper Penn

FENDI presents wandering with Hopper Penn


FENDI presents wandering with Hopper Penn

To celebrate the launch of its first Men’s Eyewear Collection, FENDI presents the new Spring/Summer 2017 Collection with a new exciting video starring Hopper Penn, renowned actor and son of Sean Pen and Robin Wright.

Featuring Hopper’s amazing journey in Milan, from his arrival in Italy to his attendance at the FENDI Men’s Fashion Show, the video tells of an amazing day in the city, discovered through the lenses of the new FENDI Men’s sunglasses.

The metropolitan energy of Milan during the Fashion Week pervades the atmosphere since his arrival at the Milan International Airport wearing his Fendi Sun Fun sunglasses, the perfect accessory for travelling from LA to Italy in a cool and sophisticated style.

The city welcomes Hopper with its urban and international vibes in the most elegant and influential palaces for fashion and design. First stop, his hotel,where the actor relaxes in his room and enjoys the lounge wearing the FENDI glasses always being ironic yet intellectual in his attitude. Ready to feel the city, he hangs-out in the coolest streets downtown as Via Montenapoleone and Via della Spiga, the most renowned streets of the Milan fashion district known as the Quadrilatero della moda, always wearing his Fendi Qbic sunglasses!

When the sun goes down, Hopper gets ready to enjoy, for the very first time, the FENDI Men’s Fashion Show.A unique experience since his coming at the event venue, warmly welcomed by an enthusiastic crowd of fans and photographers following and shooting him while he enters the FENDI doors. The show is about to start and Hopper is seated front row to enjoy the catwalk and feeling the FENDI Men’s unique vibes!

An amazing day enjoying Milan from dawn to dusk together with the FENDI Men’s Eyewear Collection to live unique and unexpected experiences!