Christian Roth presents Archive 1993

Christian Roth presents Archive 1993


Christian Roth presents Archive 1993

Over twenty years after the first launch, Christian Roth is pleased to present the Archive 1993 edition of the iconic model within the collection Mido 2017. Powerful symbol of combination between music, fashion, and culture, the glasses has been renewed thanks to materials and manufacturing techniques that meet the needs of the new generation of eyewear fans.

“This collection is important not only for our history, but for the history of grunge and pop culture. As designers, we are pursuing a dual purpose: to preserve the past and create the future. With the reworking of this frame we could walk both objectives, while continuing to explore new ideas and to experiment with materials that twenty years ago did not exist” – say Christian Roth and Eric Domege.

The collection includes three new interpretations of the model, each with characteristics hinges five musetti and custom inserts on the temples.

Archive 1993

The lens is flat and graphic-based 0, unlike the original curve lens Based 6. The new front frame with concave grinding contains unpublished graphic elements, while remaining faithful to the classical form.

Archive 1993 lens-in-lens

The classic silhouette shines innovative energy of the material. Born from the careful study of the stylistic archives of the brand, the frame combines the feature-tech lens-in-lens of Christian Roth at temples light steel, producing a deeply modern balance between color and weight.

Archive 1993 Collector’s Edition

The model is made with a rare type of acetate produced in Cadore reminiscent of the Murano glass. The frame is handmade and will be produced in limited edition, with 350 signed and numbered pieces.

Archive 1993 glasses are unisex and are available in limited number of the optical stores.