Interview: Antonio Paredes

Interview: Antonio Paredes


Interview: Antonio Paredes

Antonio Paredes; Photographer

Antonio Paredes was born in Mexico City and raised in a family business. After doing a master degree in Business Administration imposed by the family, he moved to Paris to follow his real passion. It was 8 years ago.
Starting first in the industry as a set assistant at Studio Zero, he quickly achieved to work as a local photo assistant for the well-known photographers namely: Craig McDean, Alasdair McLellan, Kenneth Willard, Willy Vanderperre, Horst Diekgerdes and etc. Later Antonio started to work as first photo assistant for Vincent Peters throughout 3 years.
To acquire a complete understanding of photography, Antonio Paredes became a digital technician at DTOUCH Paris where he passed 3 years – working for various photographers including Paolo Roversi, Ryan McGinley, Collier Schorr, Tom Munro, Mert and Marcus.

INSTAGRAM NAME : ap_antonioparedes

When and how did you decide that you wanted to be a designer?

My father wanted me to take over our family business in Mexico….but after my studies, I worked for two years saving enough money to leave Mexico for Paris. Photography always attracted me since I was a child, and the only way to get to my dream was to leave Mexico. Arriving in France I discovered so many photographers, then I was sure that I wanted to become one.

Was it your dream job?

It was a dream more than a dream job. Taking pictures is what I always wanted to do since I started working in photography, and I guess dream is the base of a passion.

What  is the first thing you photographed ?

I am not really able to remember the very first photograph I took, but I used to play with reflections and light on black and white film, and one of my first photograph that I love is a reflection of Sacré Coeur on a rain puddle.

Who is the photographer you admire most of all and why? 

This is very hard as I like a lot of photographers.

I love the poetry in Salgado’s work in Africa, I love the sarcastic humor in Martin Parr’s images, I love the power of Helmut Newton’s women, I admire the magic of Peter Lindbergh universe, the mysticism of Paolo Roversi’s and the surrealistic composition on Edward Weston’s pictures ..but this is only to name a few. There are so many..

While taking the photo, how do you catch that moment? Can you detach yourself from reality? 

I think taking a photo is capturing a particular instant. I just live the moment as it comes. Trying to put in an image what I have previously planned in my head, but obviously  the result is always different and I like discovering the images every time.

I wouldn’t talk about reality in fashion or beauty photography as it can be all but not reality in my opinion.

Your job requires from you traveling a lot and visiting various countries; What does fascinate and impress you?

This is what I like the most about my work! Traveling and visiting places you don’t know is very rewarding. We’re always searching for the perfect spot, bringing us often to very unique locations.

Who’s the first person you have photographed?

One of my best friends, at my place with a small lamp. I love that session.

How did you feel during your first show? What is the feeling when someone appreciates and “reads” your photos?

It’s always good to feel your work is being appreciated, as I think it’s the motor energy for every one who is creating.

In my opinion photography is very objective. I love that one image can represent so many things depending on who is looking at it. I do not expect every one to enjoy my work, but if they have the interest of seeing it, that’s enough for me! It’s good to see people being curious about your work.

If your photos would have a soundtrack, which one would you choose?

It’s so hard to choose! It depends on the mood but currently I feel my latest work would be the song: Santana’s Black Magic Woman

If you weren’t a photographer which direction would you choose in the fashion world and why?

I would definitely do something in the arts. I’d love to write, to film or to create something with my hands like pottery. For sure if I had stayed in Mexico I would be working in my family business and feel incomplete.