3 Interior Design Trends to Watch for 2017

3 Interior Design Trends to Watch for 2017


3 Interior Design Trends to Watch for 2017

Home interior design goes through fashions just as clothing does, though not quite as fast as clothing. The best interior design trends are destined to be classics and won’t make your home dated, though waiting long enough for a change might lead to it coming back into style (avocado green tiles and appliances, for example). Here are three interior design trends to watch out for in 2017 and beyond.


While avocado green appliances came and went in the 1970s and made a brief comeback before 2010, green in all shades is back as an interior design trend. In general, green is a good, neutral colour to use as an accent with white, beige, brown and black areas like your kitchen, bathroom or living room. And, unlike metallic colours such as gold, silver and brass, it compliments everything from stainless steel appliances to wooden furniture and cabinetry.

Brushed metal and industrial appliances are on their way out. Shiny metal in warm colours like bronze and gold are on their way in. Green as a colour compliments this trend, though few are going back to the harvest gold and avocado of forty years ago. Jewel tones and natural hues of green are the fashionable shades.


Modern minimalist decor with neutral or bold patterns tends to emphasize the space and de-emphasize both the furniture and the people using them. This is where texture is making a comeback, to make spaces seem more inviting. This is why you’re seeing brushed brass tables replacing smooth metal tables, patterned light fixtures instead of the smooth conical ones, and textured fabric used on upholstery. Fortunately, you can adopt this trend simply by swapping out a few fixtures and putting textured covers on a few pieces of furniture. Or, purchase a few textured decorative pillows and throw them on the couch. Nailhead designs on pillows are hot right now.

Another way this trend is manifesting itself is with the matte finish on appliances. It can be done as a contrast to smooth appliances already in the room in most cases. Ceruse wood that has been processed to show its pattern is another example of the rejection of smooth, flat and somewhat dated minimalist modern design.

Decorative Radiators

Decorative radiators go back to at least 2013, but they are just now taking off. Europe is seeing a spike in radiators shaped like animals to turn them into works of art, and when a fake wool cover sits on it, it better distributes the heat, prevents accidental burns upon contact and gives you an amazingly warm throw for when you need to warm up fast.

Some upright radiators are elegant and efficient pieces made from woven steel while others have oak and walnut veneers. The more versatile radiator designs can double as an extra electrical outlet or towel warmer.

The minimalist, flat and boring modern look is being revitalized by textured items and a mix of colours, notably green. For those who decorated their homes with antiques, the trend has shifted to a mix of various time periods in the same space arranged into an aesthetic whole. Decorative radiators are a recent innovation.