Fendi Timepieces presents iShine watch

Fendi Timepieces presents iShine watch


Fendi Timepieces presents iShine watch

At the leading event for the watch and jewelry industry – Baselworld 2017, Fendi Timepieces will present iShine Fendi – the new line of watches that enhances the DNA of the brand with the precious materials and stones.

Inspired by the eternal fascination of light, the collection of Fendi watches – iShine is shrouded by an extraordinary brightness. New iShine Fendi collection is playful, mysterious, versatile – a luxurious and modern expression of individuality to be worn from dawn to dusk.

Il nuovo orologio Fendi IShine, placcato oro giallo 18 carati e acciaio, è impreziosito da pietre preziose che ruotano illuminando l’intero quadrante.

La cassa del Fendi IShine è addolcita dal rosa soft-touch dei lati e si abbina alla corona
decorata da un topazio rosa e al cinturino in alligatore rosa bordato da caucciù tono su tono.

New watch shows many faces of elegance and lends itself to match woman’s emotions and moods simply by twisting the crown to change the color of the gemstones on the dial.

You can choose three different combinations of gems: white topaz 12 karats, pink and red topaz 12 karats, or black spinels 12 karats creating innovative designs.

Sophisticated and feminine – new Fendi iShine collection is celebrating the timeless elegance of the precious stones combining the perfect balance between tradition and innovation.