Space-inspired accessorises of Chanel

Space-inspired accessorises of Chanel


Space-inspired accessories of Chanel

During the F/W 2017 Chanel runway journey into space executed by Karl Lagerfeld was accomplished with accessories created by the mix of galactic and 1960-inspired style.

Lagerfeld’s mix of space exploration and high fashion created new must-have accessories from 2017 ready-to-wear collection including silver fringe, cobalt blue, spaceship or orbital evening bags; metallic two-toned and glitter boots; metallic and glittery silver backpacks; pearl or glittering cuffs; sparkle headbands; glitter arm warmers and shield sunglasses.

This season Chanel brought back retro hair accessory – headbands that varied in style from simple black leather to brightly embellished and sparkling jeweled versions transforming Chanel models into space princesses. Knit wraparound headbands kept models’ ears warm and emphasized their dramatic, gravity-defying hair.

Space blankets and Jetsons-style silver boots with patent leather cap-toes worn with glitter tights appears as must-have accessories of this season.

The models’ gaze were covered with the oversized, mirrored sunglasses. And as there is not a Chanel show without an extraordinary accessory – the girls were holding rocket-ship bags. Moreover, new versions of CHANEL’s GABRIELLE bag came in metallic leather.

In terms of the male accessories, silver color was dominating. The BOY CHANEL bag was enriched with a shiny chevron motif.