LOEWE Craft 2017 : Discover the 26 finalists

LOEWE Craft 2017 : Discover the 26 finalists


LOEWE Craft 2017 : Discover the 26 finalists


The Craft Award was launched by the LOEWE Foundation in 2016 to showcase and celebrate the innovation, excellence and modern artistic value of crafts.

With this award, LOEWE reaffirms its historic commitment to support creativity in all its forms. Culture is a pillar of the brand. Reflecting the indissoluble bond of fashion with contemporary life, the focus on art, design and craftsmanship was a crucial element in rebuilding the brand by Jonathan Anderson.

The 26 finalists selected by a committee of experts were selected from among 4000 artisans over the age of 18 and from over 75 countries. The diversity of the works presented encompasses a wide variety of techniques, means and modes of expression.

The jury said: “The selected works reflect the total dedication of the author: a set of ideas, skills and method; A tactile materialization of skill and vision. The finalists selected, including in an age group ranging from 20 to 80 years, all close to the border between art and craft. ”

The winner of the LOEWE Craft Prize will receive a prize of 50,000 euros and his work will be part of the special exhibition with the other finalists, which will visit various cities including Madrid, Tokyo and New York.


The finalists are :

Adi Toch, RU

Anne Low, Canada

Artesanias Panikua, Mexico

Bae Sejin, Korea

Brendan Lee Satish Tang, Canada

Celia Pym, RU

Chiachio & Giannone, Argentina

David Huycke, Belgium

Ernst Gamperl, Germany

Fatima Tocornal, Spain

Guillermo Alvarez Charvel, Mexico

Heidi Friesen, Canada

Helena Schepens, Belgium

Igawa Takeshi, Japan

Kim Buck, Denmark

Kristina Rothe, Germany

Lino Tagliapietra, Italy

Patricia Domingues, Portugal

Robert Baines, Australia

Sangwoo Kim, Korea

Sara Flynn, RU

Shuji Nakagawa, Japan

Sona, Bangladesh

Sylvie Vandenhoucke, Belgium

Yoshiaki Kojiro, Japan

Zhilong Zheng, China

The winner of the 2017 LOEWE Craft Prize will be announced on April 10 in Madrid.


Anaelle Coulon