Cosmetic Revolution: BLUE SERUM by Chanel for the longevity of your skin

Cosmetic Revolution: BLUE SERUM by Chanel for the longevity of your skin


Cosmetic Revolution: BLUE SERUM by Chanel for the longevity of your skin

Chanel has always accompany women in all aspects of their life the way they dress, their lifestyle through their beauty habits.

Today, CHANEL Research is exploring an unknown path of cosmetics: the longevity of the skin. It is no more anti-aging battle but rather to provide women the solution to maintain their beauty over time while accepting the changes and staying true to themselves.


For that, CHANEL Research was interested in people “blue” areas in Sardinia, Greece, Costa Rica and Japan, these people spot an unusual number of centenarians.

Today, it is no longer a matter of fighting, but of being cared for, and allowing women to take control of their beauty no matter their age.

This unique and unique approach has led to the creation of a cross-range skin care product: BLUE SERUM. This revolutionary product is a concentrate of a trio of active ingredients from three of these blue zones recognized for pharmaceutical plant to the power and effectiveness proven.

After numerous studies, CHANEL Research has discovered three natural active principles targeting the mechanisms of longevity:


The Green Coffee of Costa Rica

Grown to 700 meters above sea level on the hills of the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica, the fruits of selected green coffee are rich in antioxidant molecules (cafestol and kahweol). Eight operations are required to produce the active ingredient, PFA * green coffee, using the PolyFractioning technique, exclusive to CHANEL.



The Olives of Sardinia

Olive oil, renowned for its wealth in essential fatty acids and omegas (3, 6 and 9), and olive leaves, which contain powerful antioxidants make the olive miracle ingredient for your skin.



The Lentisk Gum of Greece


In Greece, the lentisque gum is harvested in a shrub. Rich in oleanolic acid, lentisk has a beneficial regeneration power. CHANEL Research has chosen a local producer cooperative that uses their unique expertise in gum harvesting.

It is a true cosmetic revolution that offers Chanel, with BLUE SERUM make sure you are the fairest one on the wall for ever after.


Anaelle Coulon