In Love : Best gifts for the Valentine’s Day

In Love : Best gifts for the Valentine’s Day


In Love : Best gifts for the Valentine’s Day


As the most romantic day of the calendar is fast approaching, it is time to look for the gift that will best reflect your love.

For you, a selection of special Valentine gifts, full of tenderness, romance, passion…


1) The tenderness in pink pastel

To please your beloved, opt for this Coach mini-bag, of a soft pink, for a Valentine’s Day full of romanticism and sweetness.

The dream of any young girl, especially if this bag is offered to her by her prince.




2) The red passion in hand 

For a passionate and carnal love, what better than a red Givenchy leather bag crocodile. With this flashy red, symbol of a flaming passion, your beloved will only crack.



3) Perfume of love

Love has that magic that it awakens our five senses. With this LabSolue candle with the subtle fragrance of Fleur d’oranger, create a warm atmosphere and escape for a moment in Provence with your partner.



4) Love to the Foot

For an original and exotic gift, choose these slippers Santoni sandals like slippers. In red leather, travel your partner to the country of the Arabian Nights … what more romantic …





5) A love in gold

More classic but for an effect always successful, offer your loved one a magnificent jewel of Haute Joaillerie, up to your love. This year we selected the Van Cleef and Arpels Valentine’s Collection in pink gold, diamonds and cornaline.



6) Love to chew

Yes, Valentine’s Day is also a gourmet rendezvous. To fill your partner, offer him a sublime and Godiva chocolate box. By offering one of these heart-shaped boxes containing delicious chocolate delights, no doubt you will be THE person to chew.


The race to love

Yes, love is also sport, so for dynamic women Tommy Hilfiger has created the perfect gift: the bomber jacket for an American university style of the 1960s. And the best: this bright red jacket will only seduce your Dulcinea.



7) Put on love

Why not offer your sweetheart a pair of delicious white Tods moccasins as the purity of your love. And for a touch pop and sparkling, these shoes overlay red heart embossed … a whole declaration of love …


8) Love: Take It Anywhere

So that your beloved thinks of you throughout the day, why not offer him this purse Issey Miyake? From a deep red, varnished, triangular faceted, this original bag will be in its image: unique and multi-faceted.



9) A love of sneakers

For an original gift and full of love, offer your beloved these sneakers Hogans in tweed decorated with pretty red hearts. In limited edition for Valentine’s Day, these elastic sneakers only wait for a heart to be loved.


Anaelle Coulon