The sport fields of Maison Michel: Pre-Fall 2017/2018

The sport fields of Maison Michel: Pre-Fall 2017/2018


The sport fields of Maison Michel: Pre-Fall 2017/2018


With its new artistic director Priscilla Royer, Maison Michel has evolved its headwear to promote the pride of individuality, new innovations combined with cultural and historical references. The hat becomes an essential element of the style and reflects the person wearing it.

For the Maison Michel Pre-Fall 17/18 collection, the designer found her inspiration in the playgrounds. The pieces in the collection become kinds of theater presenting tennis, basketball, rugby or even American football games.

This Amercian High School universe is transcribed in two different ways for the masculine collection and the feminine collection. For men, Maison Michel offers a 70’s aesthetic that seems straight out of the film “Kansas City Bombers” by Jerrold Freeman, while the colors of the women’s collection are inspired by Terrence Malick’s film “Days of Heaven”.

The hats are contemporary combining softness, suppleness and rigidity, offering sets of materials between smooth velvet, striking or ribbed; Or between wool or mohair tile. The pieces are intended to be modular, reflecting the nature of the game with extralarges nodes and removable earmuffs.


The brand also offers accessories like jewelry that will be this season, composed of wide pearls, associated with unexpected ornaments like gutter in rood plaques. The reflective stadiums signes are recreated using crystals glimmer, each detail has been thought with precision.

So play your games!


Anaelle Coulon