Art in London : Endless next exhibition « Filth »

Art in London : Endless next exhibition « Filth »


Art in London : Endless next exhibition « Filth »


This Thursday, January 26, London artist Endless will inaugurate its latest exhibition, in collaboration with Buster + Punch, interior design brand. To ensure the atmosphere during the evening, DJ Jodie Harsh will also be present.


Endless, is an artist based in London. His work is a satire of advertising, fashion and

modern cultures. He exhibited his work on the street and recently began get the recognition of the art industry. His most famous piece is “Lizzy Vuitton”: a portrait of Queen Elizabeth that represents the elitism and obsession of the brand in our society.

This exhibition will explore the various aspects of fashion, advertising and the filth of modern cultures. The artist Endless once again offers us an honest and philosophical description of our environment. The artist explores the variety of hidden massages and highlights aesthetic opulence. This exhibition is the process between the idea and the completed creation. Sometimes you have to get a filthy image to finally create the desired aesthetic, and in other cases it is the desired aesthetic itself that turns out to be a visual delight of pure filth.

The Endless artist created a giant billboard in motion will move into central London on January 26th. This panel will present an overview of his latest “Filth” collection. The exhibition posters inspired by the world of modern advertising, were created as a humorous wink at the sexual image and repetitive brands, holding our current society captive. The billboard will make planned stops at strategic points, undoubtedly stop traffic and cause many heads to turn. To make the operation more interactive, viewers will be able to interact in real time with the #flithbyendless hashtag.

The itinerary of this billboard will be available on request before January 24th.



Anaelle Coulon