Once upon a time … COCO AVANT CHANEL : Chanel Joaillerie

Once upon a time … COCO AVANT CHANEL : Chanel Joaillerie


Once upon a time … COCO AVANT CHANEL : Chanel Joaillerie

It is the whole story of Coco that is told through this jewelry new collection.

From her childhood in the purity of the monastic universe, Chanel was able to draw an unique inspiration, a sense of self-denial and simplicity mixed with a fascination for baroque, gold and beautiful stones.

This young woman with the boyish  look, revolutionizes fashion starting with her hats disheveled of all extravagances to create simple, light and chic pieces… already a summary of the Chanel style. Then, inspired by the men’s wardrobe, Coco Chanel will completely redesign the women’s silhouette by shortening the dresses, releasing the waist and cutting the hair … a real whirlwind for the time.

It is therefore in tribute to this unique and incredible woman that Chanel Joaillerie created her new collection of eleven sets bearing the name of woman who accompanied, marked or influenced Gabrielle Chanel before 1920.

Eleven jewelery sets, inspired by the two founding elements of the Chanel style: lace and ribbon, which are available in gradations of rose and gray, in gold and precious stones.

The jeweler’s ribbon is transformed, danced, twirled by the wind: untied, draped, wrapped or knotted in aerial loops.

The lace in asymmetric cuts with the perfect fall is reminiscent of the chisel of Gabrielle Chanel, blow of genius, creative blow always giving birth to a new masterpiece.

From the finery Gabrielle Chanel to the Zina through Antoinette, Jeanne and Marthe … which will you choose for next season?


Anaelle Coulon