Forest Breath: Issey Miyake FW 17/18 show

Forest Breath: Issey Miyake FW 17/18 show


Forest Breath : Issey Miyake FW 17/18 show


The collection FW 17/18 Issey Miyake for men, combines the comfort of urban outfits, trekking spirit and patterns inspired by the energy of nature. This interest for the natural world is part of a new context in which men aspire to a new modern elegance and more natural fabrics. For the next winter, Issey Miyake proposes a real workwear in autumn colors.

The fabrics imitate the wood of white birch, thanks to a high-tech artisanal savoir-faire. We find this particular nylon taffeta on coats, jackets, trousers or jackets, creating light, wrinkle-free and versatile pieces.

The patterns with changing colors as the leaves in autumn are made of jacquard wool by a knitting uniting five threads of different colors. This unique fabric gives a feeling of warmth while remaining light and wrinkle free.

It is found on a reversible coat whose interior is made of grosgrain nylon, resistant to water.

Another essential piece in the collection, these tweed plaids with autumnal wool carded tones, also used for a reversible jacket in quilted twill.

Then a wind of taffeta blows on the collection, ending in beauty on a coat of the archive appeared for the first time in the FW 1983 collection of the mark and redesigned slightly for the occasion.

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A true return to the roots …