Join the Versace tribute for the winter 17/18

Join the Versace tribute for the winter 17/18


Join the Versace tribute for the winter 17/18


The next Versace winter showcase the brotherhood of the brand and the power of unity.


The knitted coats are very long to wrap the body and others are sharply tailored by belts to dramatize the silhouette. We can find these belts also on nylon trenches.

The prints look hand paint of ancient tribe, symbolising the idealistic beauty of male power through the ages. These patterns are essential : they enable the collection to be a blending of formal and casual.

To find the beauty of the African textiles, Versace offers jacquard coats woven like blankets as hand made.

Shearling coats and while plaid shirts arrive with Versace in the urban landscape.

The Versace suit is also lightened with a soft constructered shoulder as the new way men wear it today. And the empire bags have been hand-painted with the patterns of the collection. As novelty, a special edition of the Dylos has been done with grey stone or in total black.


In this collection, Versace gives us a message of hope with positive words embroidered on shirts and with affirmations inside coats.

As Donatella Versace has said : “This is a collection about the different tribes of Versace men, and the powerful positivity that can happen when men from different places, different cultures join together.”



Anaelle Coulon