FW 17/18: Welcome in the digital world of Marni

FW 17/18: Welcome in the digital world of Marni


FW 17/18: Welcome in the digital world of Marni


For the next winter, Marni invites us into a modern and digital world with ever more geometric motifs and cuts, all in a juvenile and colorful spirit. The cheked pattern in different versions will be the principal motif of the collection, reminiscent of the pixels of our computers or the keys of the keyboards.

The silhouettes, thought as real stimulations of the retina, combine different patterns creating intriguing optical games. The sunglasses seem to be the perfect metaphor of the screens hypnotizing us all the day, as a barrier between the virtual and the reality.

Marni also transports us in time with a childish universe : models with fierce and disheveled hair, touches of fur as Teddy Bear, patterns made of brush strokes as the child first attempts painting. And to satisfy the sleeping boy in each man, Marni offered padded jackets and pants, wide sweaters, and sports shoes. On the trend XXL, the young guys of Marni seemed to get lost in pants too long, too wide which seemed to hold only by their belt.

For this winter, Marni offers us a collection with very autumn hues, geometric cuts and patterns, all awakened by a few pieces of fur.

An invitation to type on the multiple keys of our wardrobe …



Anaelle Coulon