A Moscow trip: Gosha Rubchinskiy X Adidas

A Moscow trip: Gosha Rubchinskiy X Adidas


A Moscow trip: Gosha Rubchinskiy X Adidas


On the 12 January 2017, Gosha Rubchinskiy unveiled his men’s collection FW17/18 in Kaliningrad, Russia.

A thing to remember: the launch of the collaboration between the creator and the sportswear brand Adidas Football with for heyday the 2018 World Football Cup in Russia.

The collection is inspired by the sports locker room with some pieces on which is written the word “Football” in Cyrillic. The designer drew a collection from the sportswear wardrobe, from the footballer to the supporter. So have parade models dressed in coats, sweatshirts, joggings, scarves, hats, bags, proudly wearing the Adidas logo. To these sportswear pieces are associated more “classical” pieces of the Gosha collection, always presenting a very sharp work on cuts, shapes and volumes.

For the headwear of the collection, the creator called on the famous hatter Stephen Jones.


Another revelation: a return to the origins for Gosha Rubchinskiy who chose the Regional Youth Center in Kaliningrad as a privileged place for his parade, also symbolic choice since the city will host some World Cup 2018 matches.

Moreover, Russia was the ideal place to unveil the collaboration with the spot brand Adidas since as revealed by the creator: “In Russia and the USSR, sports teams always wore Adidas uniforms, so historically the brand Adidas means Many things for the Russians. ”

The creator also wanted to express international ideas in a small town like Kaliningrad, just as interesting as the biggest american cities.


Anaelle Coulon