JAAʼ STUDIO – New Orientalism from Korea, Taiwan and Japan

JAAʼ STUDIO – New Orientalism from Korea, Taiwan and Japan


JAAʼ STUDIO – New Orientalism from Korea, Taiwan and Japan

From the Past to the Future | From the West to the East

JAAʼ STUDIO, the very first Asian Designer Group composed by 3 brands: Juhree Erba (Korea)- leather accessories/ Athena Chuang (Taiwan)- women’s wear / Aki Nagai (Japan)- men’s wear, who aims at reviving the traditional Oriental heritage and esthetics through fashion and design, launched their first collection in one of the most elegant area in the center of Milan, Brera, on 26th-27th September 2015.

“TriOrientalism” – 3 visions of New Oriental Design
After studying fashion design together in Maragoni Milano, and working respectively for renown international fashion houses- Yohji Yamamoto, Furla and Fendi, 3 Asian designers decided to launch their personal brands in the name of JAA’ Studio (Juhree, Athena and Aki) with own cultural background back in Milan, where they started the journey of fashion design.

JAA’ Studio represents 3 different oriental countries (Korea, Taiwan and Japan), which were strongly influenced by Chinese culture in the history, also 3 different approaches on reviving oriental esthetics through design, which named ‘Tri-Orientalism’, trying to trigger new sparkles with the encounter between Oriental and Western cultures.

an leather accessory brand founded by Korean designer Juhree Jung. After working in Furla as designer, Juhree Erba focuses more on a spiritual level of oriental style and values. She creates fine crafted leather pieces in simple, modern shapes that clearly send out an oriental spirit in their lines and aromas, which give people a unique experience more than just a product.

Jaa-Studio-1 bis

2016 S/S Collection- ‘Epic Voyage for a fragrant island’

This collection is inspired from the Korean traditional white porcelain, fragrant things of nature and package design. It also emphasized the simplicity and beauty of a sculpture and practicality by the research of a new opening methods of bags and delicately considered details, as Iconic Bag ‘Navis’, which represents the best new esthetic sense of accessories, and introducing the new way to carry the bags with functions yet everlasting elegance. It is a perfect Globetrotter-essential, which also corresponds the main concept of ‘Navis’, means ‘Sailing’ in Latino, ‘I want this bag take its owner travel everywhere, full of well-being and good mood.’- by Juhree. Embroidery is applied on the leather charm that comes from the shape of Norigae (Korean traditional ornament) and the leaves. The exterior has clean monochromatic tone.Incontrast,the lining with fanciful prints is suggestive of ‘Potpourri’ as if aroma scent comes out when the bags are opened. The Collection is crafted from vegetable-tanned italian cowhide, with Black/Natural toned exterior and Pale Green/Dark Plum colored edge.

a womenʼs wear brand founded by Taiwanese designer Athena Chuang, who wishes to bring traditional esthetics of Chinese costume into modern fashion. By mixing unexpected elements with Chinese costume, she creates an unconventional style of Oriental clothing, and expresses a unique femininity that combines Oriental elegance and European modernity.

Jaa Studio 2

2016 S/S Collection- Digital Revolution

Following the brand spirit of Athena Chuang, this new collection is again a perfect marriage of Western fashion and Oriental world, transformed the Chinese Costume in 21st century lifestyle. It’s a revival, a new born. Kimono-like silhouette which was derived from ancient Chinese wear, varies from military to futuristic styles, adding pastel and soft color palettes to some feminine details to give it a modern touch.

a Japanese designer who concentrates her works on spreading traditional Japanese craftsmanship and fabric-making techniques with Italian tailoring touch. Her on-going project is ‘gileʼt gile’, a line of gilet for men. By combining traditional technique with modern design, gileʼt gile would like to bring new taste into old craftsman tradition, and bring the old craftsman spirit to a younger generation.

Jaa Studio 3

2016 S/S Collection- Classic never dies

When Japanese craftsmanship meets Italian tailoring tradition, when gilet is no more a gilet but a perfect accessory to change the way of styling- this is Aki’s first Gilet line, after a few years of couture tailoring. There are some magic of fitting in these amazing pieces of gilet, made of prestigious Japanese fabrics and very refined finishing of the borders, which is able to revive classic pieces in street, modern yet young looks.