COCO CRUSH: the rhythm is desire and inspiration

Inspired by the repeating lines of the quilted motif, the COCO CRUSH collection embodies these determining encounters—strength and delicacy, simplicity…

FENDI Timepieces

New Versions of the Forever Fendi Watch. Elegant styles defining the signature timepiece

Louis Vuitton Tambour Street Diver

The soul of the journey beyond appearances. Louis Vuitton welcomes the Street Diver family to its iconic Tambour collection

Vertical Odyssey : Three New Freaky Horological Objects

Xplore the three new masterpieces : DIVER X SKELETON, UFO & BLAST HOURSTRIKER

Pasquale Bruni welcomes spring with Petit Joli Bouquet

Petit Joli Bouquet is a hymn to nature, in which the flower, the key symbol of the brand, is exalted…

Coco Crush the Encounters

The many encounters that intersected Gabrielle Chanel’s life nourished her creations and marked her destiny.

Louis Vuitton PURE V The emblem of high jewelery

Louis Vuitton's iconic V signature now lends its graphic design to PURE V, a set of 8 extremely precious models.

A remarkable ode to the N°5 perfume, the 55.55 necklace

The zenith of this precious collection is the extraordinary 55.55 necklace that expresses all the codes of the fragrance which…

Gem Dior

An original collection of seven watches and eleven pieces of jewelry by Victoire de Castellane, Gem Dior exalts the House's…

Ulysse Nardin – The Sparkling Free Wheel

Diamonds, diamonds, and more diamonds adorn a watchmaking marvel raised to the level of visual brilliance.