With Lucia Pica inside the Chanel HC Backstage

What were your sources of inspiration for this makeup? What brief did Virginie Viard give you? The women are in…

Dior Makeup autumn-winter 2019-2020 haute-couture

“I emphasized the eyes by making them softly smoky, but still really quite intense. It’s a look of modern purity,…

Discover how to get a natural glowy complexion with the Dior Backstage notes

Ruth Bell represents the universal nature of this collection.

Margot Robbie, new fragrance ambassador CHANEL.

Since 2018, Margot Robbie has been a CHANEL fashion ambassador as the face of the COCO NEIGE collection (Fall-Winter 2018-2019).

I am a CHANEL perfume

This first chapter, "I am an idea", is presented as a manifesto and lays the foundation for CHANEL fragrance creation:…

Louis Vuitton Colonies: promise of adventure

Sun Song, Cactus Garden and Afternoon Swim are three colonies that announce, amplify and prolong the feeling of summer.

Make-up Dior for Cruise 2020 Collection

A runway show where the wide diversity of skin tones meant i could work on a natural, made-to-measure make-up.

Chanel Happy Mother’s Day by little artists

Check out the list of Chanel gifts for Mother's Day with the packaging designed for the occasion by little budding…

M · A · C x EL SEED

a new collaboration in the make-up sector: p a i n t y o u r w o r l…

Louis Vuitton launched the new Colonies

Set sail to conquer new sensory territories. The Maison Louis Vuitton continues its wonderful and exciting journey with three new…