Instagram Weekly: Artsy Edition

Instagram Weekly: Artsy Edition


Instagram Weekly: Artsy Edition

Browsing trough the best Instagram’s accounts looking for pics that are curious, interesting, funny, social…we’re trying to understand trough the “square” pics how the fashion/celebrity world looks like outside the glossy glamour of “official” pictures.

Saltando da un account all’altro in cerca di immagini curiose, interessanti, divertenti, social per capire attraverso gli scatti “quadrati” di Instagram com’è il mondo del fashion e delle celebrity oltre il glamour patinato delle uscite ufficiali.

Natalia Vodianova, Soo J Moo, Solange Knowles, Anna Cleveland, Poppy Delevingne, Lupita Nyong’o, Lena Dunham, Lou Doillon, Melodie Monrose, Kylie Jenner, Tali Lennox, Louise Parker, Kiko Mizuhara,  Chloe Norgaard.

Nata Supernova in a comic style artwork from a fan.

Keep your eye on me!

Somewhere over the rainbooooow…

Like a fish in a bowl.

Snapchat art.


5 different Lupita’s hairstyle.

Like a pink stairway to heaven.


Embroidery art.

Walls speak louder than wars.

Red as passion…red as Ferrari.