A.P.C X JW Anderson


A.P.C X JW Anderson

The collection created by JW Anderson and A.P.C. finds inspiration in Joseph Beuys' performance «I Love America and America Loves Me»,

A.P.C X JW Anderson


The collection created by JW Anderson and A.P.C. finds inspiration in Joseph Beuys’ performance «I Love America and America Loves Me», In May 1974, the German artist travels from Düsseldorf to New York, being transported to and from the plane in an ambulance, wrapped in a felt so as not to «see America (…) and be isolated from the outside world», before being locked up in the René Block gallery for three days with a coyote.

Beuys’ work should never be interpreted literally. And so the slightly rough wool of the duffle coat is intended to evoke felt. The ambulance and the address of the gallery (409 West Broadway) are instead graphic references found on the brightly colored t-shirts as well as on other garments. The collection is designed as the ideal wardrobe of what Jonathan Anderson would like to wear. Designed for women and men, the collection is structured around two personalities: one rather rock and therefore more fitted, in which there is black denim, a biker jacket and hand-painted cotton sweater, and the other instead more hippie and therefore with larger volumes, multicolored sweaters and faded jeans. It is the first time that A.P.C. offers a model torn and discolored by laser without the use of chemical interventions.

In general, the collection plays on the “classic” codes of each category: the best American jersey for t-shirts, hand-knitted socks, the historic duffel coat with the classic rope lapels enriched with a whistle, a Cornishware teapot or a tote ultra-resistant canvas bag with XXL zip closure.

“The idea of the project is to learn from the excitement of a new collaboration. It fits my vision of fashion and seemed like a natural fit. We are fascinated by reinventing things that don’t need to be reinvented, as it would be more exciting to glorify them “The extraordinary thing about A.P.C. is that there’s never too much. There’s just that contemporary touch,” notes Jonathan Anderson.

«Our business meetings have always been a very dynamic and productive ping-pong match. When I had an idea, Jonathan would immediately turn it into something better. It is a sort of hypertext without limits, an automatic writing applied to clothes, accessories and images”, underlines Jean Touitou. «Thanks to Jonathan, we managed to go further, both in originality and research. Let’s get into Joseph Beuys’ ambulance and follow him on his chimerical journey. »

Photograph by Drew Vickersn near A.P.C. headquarters, Kit Connor and Bianca Blanc Francard wearing pieces from the A.P.C


A.P.C X JW Anderson

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