San Andrès chooses Italy for his collection, telling a contemporary vision of his country of origin, using typical Italian tailoring techniques.

Originally from Mexico, Andrès Caballero moves to Italy to study fashion in earlies 2000. After years trying to find his artistic and professional personality travelling between England and France, he comes back to his first love, Milan, where he choose to settle down his personal and professional life. Has chosen Italy to tell through his collection a contemporary vision of his country of origin, able to blend folklore with cosmopolitan and sophisticated atmospheres.

Even before being a fashion designer, I am a
traditional tailor“. San Andrès.


Andrès begins a new chapter by launching the new Prêt-à-couture line focusing on the creation of tailor-made dresses that enhance the femininity and high craftsmanship of Made in Italy.

A refined balance of opposites where the traditionally masculine shirt meets the volumes of romantic skirts in harmony with each other. Every single detail becomes a distinctive element with hand-painted embroidery and floral designs, mixing the designer’s affective imagery with the typical Italian tailoring.

A melting pot that reflects the life path and numerous inspirations of the Mexican designer that studied fashion between London, Paris, and finally Milan, with suggestions from the classic to romantic, in the presentation of a capsule collection that nevertheless maintains a cosmopolitan flavor. In the Spring Summer 2023 collection the two worlds, masculine and feminine, merge together and create strong, decisive and very refined looks.

Ph credits: Stefania Di Fresco



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