Chopard Valentine’s Wish List


Chopard Valentine’s Wish List

The must-have of the female wardrobe.

Jewelery, watches but also bags, accessories and perfumes. A universe of beautiful and romantic creations to fall in love and make people fall in love.

Chopard enriches its collection of leather goods inspired by its icons moving diamonds with two new shoulder bags made of leather quilted color nude or burgundy. Refinement of craftsmanship, elegance from sell and an authentic to freedom of expression: the closure of these creations it contains all the spirit of mobile diamonds and signs an incomparable look

Chopard’s “Big Heart” expresses all its romantic charm through three pairs of earrings that reflect the shape that symbolizes life and love. The new creations in ethical 18-karat white gold or colored titanium draw a message of tenderness on the face of women and create a sublime look.

Designed with a bold stroke and a harmonious shape, it is the symbol of a family. He is lively and a dancer. It is the very essence of Chopard jewelery: the heart, for the Maison, is the result of an incessant search for perfection. Enhanced by the play of iconic mobile diamonds, it is celebrated in the Happy Diamonds Icons talisman jewelry collection, which is enriched with rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings in ethical gold. Creations with a magnetic charm.

Happy Hearts: a symbol more than a jewel. The generosity of the heart associated with an overflowing creativity. Beating to the rhythm of the causes that matter to Caroline Scheufele, the heart, symbol of the Maison, transmits all its vibrant energy to the Happy Hearts lesson. The new Happy Hearts creations in favor of Natalia Vodianova’s Naked Heart Foundation, cheerful and elegant and embellished with delicate pink mother-of-pearl, are shaped like a delightful rush bracelet, a long sautoir and a pair of chandelier earrings in ethical 18-karat gold pink or white.

The phases of the moon hold a special place in the hearts of women. The Maison Chopard celebrates them within its flagship line, the IMPERIAL collection. The cycle of the night star and the representation of the constellations are an invitation to a poetic journey in the iridescent shades of white and pink mother of pearl and in the light of diamonds. Equally sophisticated is the “heart” of this creation, the Chopard 96.25 – C automatic movement, the result of Chopard Manufacture’s savoir – faire.

The L.U.C Lunar One perpetual calendar with astronomical moon phases, the flagship creation of the Chopard Haute Horlogerie collection, is the only timepiece in this category equipped with precision orbital lunar phases inside a rotating window. The LUC 96.13 – L movement with chronometry certificate, so precise as to highlight a single day of waste in 122 years, launches a new limited series of 25 pieces in 18-carat pink gold, with a colored sunray dial. deep blue. Only the large manufacturers, with all their experience, can face the realization of a great complication with these characteristics. In addition to the cross-name certification, its high level of precision and finish is recognized by the prestige of the Hallmark of Geneva.

Con L’Heure du Diamant, Chopard cattura la bellezza del diamante. I suoi laboratori hanno orchestrato l’incontro tra la regina delle pietre preziose e la creazione contemporanea. Frutto di questo talento, la collezione si arricchisce di un segnatempo a for ma di cuore – simbolo della Maison – dotato di un quadrante in madreperla rosa che esibisce un raffinato lavoro di guillochage

The Alpine Eagle collection of sporty and elegant timepieces, contemporary, essential and with a strong look, is a cutting-edge reinterpretation of the St. Moritz, the first watch created in 1980 by Karl – Friedri ch Sch eufele, now co – president of the Maison Chopard. Alpine Eagle, designed and designed by the latter, concentrates all the passion for the Alps and for the eagle, which with its power it alters reigns majestically over these mountains.

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