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The new SUBLIMAGE L'EXTRAIT DE NUIT to give beauty and global well-being, leaving only lightness and comfort on the skin

There is nothing more precious than time! This time that we try to dilate to lengthen the day and shorten the night, but it is precisely in this last moment, when we rest, that the skin is activated and regenerated. If the biological clock is altered, the skin loses its synchrony.For all women who go to sleep late and wake up early, or for those who do not have a regular sleep-wake rhythm because they often change time zones, CHANEL presents SUBLIMAGE l’Extrait de Nuit, a night treatment that offers the luxury of time. This treatment, thanks to plant cells and vanilla oil, gives the skin the ability to regenerate and repair itself, as during a long night of sleep, thus resynchronizing the skin on an optimal biological rhythm, helping women to reconnect with themselves, with a simple gesture, to benefit from global beauty and well-being, leaving only lightness and comfort on the skin. It is with this key that the sensoriality and gestures of SUBLIMAGE l’Extrait de Nuit have been studied, which affect the mind and wellness.

Thanks to a conopeptide, the repair cycle is reactivated, restoring the periodicity of the skin’s biological rhythms. To support this nocturnal activity, a complex consisting of two fermented flower elixirs is associated for the first time, two new active ingredients created according to an innovative green chemistry process, bio-fermentation, starting from two plants: the flower of orange, the neroli from France and vanilla, the Vanilla Planifolia from Madagascar. This procedure, tailor-made by the CHANEL Research teams, allows to obtain natural extracts rich in molecules of active ingredients, eliminating sugars in order to keep only the polymers of the flowers in full respect of the environment, with the use of a solvent green and the need for a small amount of energy.


Its extraordinary consistency, inside an aqueous serum, which gives a sensation of freshness and the thousands of micro-drops of evanescent oil awaken the senses giving a feeling of unprecedented comfort, satisfying all the wishes of women, leaving on the skin an impalpable protective film without residues on the pillow.

CHANEL presents SUBLIMAGE l’Extrait de Nuit and with three minutes in the morning and ten in the evening, thanks to a succession of slow relaxing, smoothing and pausing gestures, inspired by LA BAND DE CHANEL, an unprecedented art of touch, immediately free from tensions acting on the thin membranes that surround the muscles of the face, contributing to a faster fall asleep. It acts directly on the cellular metabolism, drains and offers greater oxygenation to the tissues, leaving the skin feeling more rested and at times smoother and more luminous in the morning.

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