Ferragamo unveils the new FERRAGAMO.COM


Ferragamo unveils the new FERRAGAMO.COM

An innovative and immersive online experience that blends storytelling with the online boutique.

Far apart, yet closer than ever before. At this time of physical and social distancing, now more than ever, digital technologies are proving to be an invaluable means of bridging distances that would otherwise seem unsurmountable, while providing entertainment too, and Salvatore Ferragamo has risen to the challenge of bringing the real world and the virtual universe closer together. With an entirely new design and a more effective, intuitive user experience, the new Ferragamo.com combines innovation and creativity with the brand’s tradition of craftsmanship. Immersive imagery and colours stimulate the senses in an experience designed to showcase the brand’s current collections in a nod to its values and history, in which Ferragamo’s canons are defined in a glossary that tells a contemporary story of passion and responsibility.

“The coincidence of launching the new Ferragamo website in these historic times make it even more special, and the message we want to convey to our customers is one of hope and faith in the future. We have put ourselves in their shoes to create an immersive, user-friendly experience in which our online boutique is intertwined with the story of the brand’s values,” remarked Micaela le Divelec Lemmi, CEO of Ferragamo.

The new site is optimized for all devices and the user experience has been revolutionized to immerse customers in the world of Salvatore Ferragamo, with a sophisticated balance of editorial content and collections. The online boutique boasts the most complete selection of Ferragamo products, including all Ferragamo Creations collections, presented in high-definition images with details in the product descriptions. Customers may purchase pieces from recent collections and Ferragamo’s most iconic products in a seamless, personalized and truly omnichannel experience. They may opt to receive their online purchases at home or pick them up at the store, or they may plan ahead for a visit to the store, preselecting products on their device that they would like to see at a later in-store appointment. Customer service has also been enhanced, and shoppers may now purchase items over the phone as well, by contacting a customer care sales agent.

Product and brand news, social content and Ferragamo’s unique history take visitors on a journey through creativity and imagination, blurring the lines between editorial content and e-commerce for an all-encompassing experience designed to meet the needs of each valued customer.


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