Palmer//Harding F/W 2014 @ LFW


Palmer//Harding F/W 2014 @ LFW



To put pen to paper allows the crowded mind to give birth to thought. With its flat planes and linear form, the modest elegance of paper serves as a cleanser to the mind; a beautiful canvas with which you can re-imagine the world.

The visual and tactile elements of paper are beautiful in their simplicity, but unique and powerful with the versatility they possess. When new, the clean, bare space on the page is inviting; an exciting, intriguing void that challenges as well as inspires. When held, its subtle curves reveal its quiet and tender elegance, but torn or shredded, it suddenly becomes a dynamic life force, creating rich textures that allow expressive, vibrant shapes and movement.

Through experimentation, palmer harding created fabric textures that mirror the life of paper. To recreate flat and smooth finishes, a multitude of different surface treatments were applied. In contrast, to emulate layers of intense shredding and richer textures, technical jerseys and patent leathers were teamed with U.S. cottons and wool to reflect the different tactile and visual qualities.

The hues and tones within the collection are represented by shades of “paper” white and highlighter yellow, accented with charcoal and rust, referencing the tools used in the creative process of design.

Presented in an abstracted environment designed by Malcolm Pate and complemented with the scent of “paperback” books by Demeter Fragrance Library, in this clean yet disheveled atmosphere the collection finds its home.

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