Portrait of a Parisienne? Sonia Rykiel fw19


Portrait of a Parisienne? Sonia Rykiel fw19


French girls in French clothes in Paris. Iconic Rykiel.

From multi-generational Rykiel women walking the Allée Sonia Rykiel which opened summer, to an intimate gallery of portraits for autumn/winter 2019.

Rykiel’s collection for this season represents an exercise in personal style.

‘I wanted it to be about how each woman feels in the clothes. About dressing for oneself not for fashion. It is about being liberated, choosing one’s own rhythm and pleasure. This collection plays with the idea of the essence of the Parisienne, which is after all what Rykiel represents.  A celebration of what Rykiel does best. There should be a sense of ease, and also a sense of surprise’ says Julie de Libran.

Five women. Inside/outside. The street/the apartment.  Quintessentially Parisian.

Following on from the bohemian spirit of prefall, there is a confident embrace of eclecticism. Anything goes, but everything somehow makes sense. This is a rejection of the uptight or the overly contrived.  Neither costume nor uniform but free self-expression – the luxury of individualism. Each look has a distinct personality.

They are multi-dimensional and infinitely transformable. There is a dialogue of texture and colour. Textiles and knits combine in modern combination. In every look there is a detail which is special and different. The notion of day to evening and vice versa, which is so evidently Rykiel, is here stronger than ever.  Mousseline and sequins, velvet denim and knit, work together in a confident counterbalance for played down or dialled up dressiness. A pinstripe suit in lame, the St Germain tailoring in Prince of Wales check or a maxi stripe velvet trouser suit, explore the appropriation of the masculine wardrobe.

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